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The Changing Landscape Of Advertising

The Yellow Pages used to an institution in every home. But the advent of the Internet and the cell phone has caused the continuing reductions of landlines and in conjunction the great demise of the Yellow Pages. Something that all businesses felt was important to be listed in – a kind of “keeping up with the Jones” form of marketing expenditure – has been trumpeted for impending death for quite some time. A simple Google search of studies related to Yellow Page usage can result in all kinds of statistics that show how ad sales related to what was once an institution in every home, has been dropping like the proverbial lead balloon. One article, while indicating it was not possible to know exactly how many people use print yellow pages, nonetheless contended that through surveys and other ancillary measures, clearly indicated that yellow page usage has been dropping; and even provided a graph that depicted this drop to be from 15 billion “references” in 2002 to 11 billion references in 2010.¹ Another article goes further, suggesting that total consumer references to print directories has declined from 12 billion in 2009 to 7.4 billion in 2011, and have most likely declined even more since.² Yet another article, entitled, “Phone books are nearly obsolete,” points out that nearly seven out of 10 people hardly, if ever, use the paper kind, and that 60% have looked for contact information online.³

The Why

Although we all know, sometimes to understand a trend we must state the obvious. Because of the tremendous changes in communications technology, we live in the age of immediacy. Something that happens on the other side of the world appears on everyone’s phones, iPads, and computers immediately. Consumers no longer depend on “looking up” information from a printed book to find any product or service. They will Google it and read it online, or see a YouTube video, or read online business reviews. In short, they will scan through a myriad of online articles and sites to get the information they need. Businesses, if they don’t already know this, and have not adapted, may no longer be around.

Cutting Through The Noise

Marketing VideosThe problem of seeking information online is that there is so much out there that a business either is already listed in or has to be listed in; whether it be the (yes) online version of the Yellow Pages, or Yelp and other business directories, or hope to rise high on Google’s listing. In effect, being listed in all these places has now become the online equivalent of feeling one had to be listed in the old printed Yellow Pages! Businesses do it in a way to “keep up with the Jones again.” With so much out there, how does a business “cut through all the noise” and stand out from the crowd? Video marketing. But not just any video. High quality videos that tell a story.

Storytelling Videos Lead To An Emotional Connection

5miles aims to establish an emotional connection between customers and businesses through the art of storytelling. A quality video tells customers the story behind the business and why they should decide to visit there. Customers seeking information on certain products and services (e.g. clothes and stores, food and restaurants, the need to work out and gyms, movies and theaters, etc.) can not only see and hear information about what they are seeking, but feel the essence of the businesses and organizations that offer what they want. This media format will provide a more moving depiction of what they are seeking, rather than just through mere photos and text. 5miles believes these videos will truly engage the customers of any business for which these videos are produced and will serve as a call to action for its viewers that will lead to greater business.

Hey, did you see that chef talk about how he came up with his favorite dish? He visited China and loved some of the food he tasted there. Let’s go check it out tonight.

That wedding shop owner said HER wedding was a disaster and so she wanted to start a business that did things right. Honey, let’s call her up. We want our wedding to be the best. She’ll know what to do.

Did you hear what that mechanic said? He has worked on practically every type of make and model that’s come out for the last 30 years. Let’s go there. He’ll know how to fix our car.

Passion in one’s business is something that cannot be thoroughly conveyed in words. When someone appears on camera talking about what they love to do, sharing their back story of how they got into the business, or demonstrating something about their product, it will touch the viewer at a level that print media just cannot reach.





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