5miles produces high quality marketing videos which tell the stories of businesses and organizations in a storytelling manner over the Internet and thereby potentially around the world. Through insightful interviews conducted with a company’s owners and an organization’s leaders that reveal their knowledge and passion, a video is created that creates an emotional connection with their target audiences.

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5miles has produced marketing videos for numerous businesses and organizations in Honolulu, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. These have included restaurants, fashion boutiques, bars, art galleries, realty companies, and other organizations. These one to three minute videos convey the essence of each client’s passion and love for what they do and help them to reach a wider audience in a more compelling way.

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5miles films its videos efficiently within a range of a few hours to a couple of days depending on what the client may desire. Costs for video production are priced very low and are turned around in 30 days. Businesses and organizations use their videos freely, such as on their web sites as well as shared on their social media platforms. Optional added email marketing services are also provided for a fee.

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